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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Weekly Sale!

2017-08-02 11:00:23




Now weekly sale has started in Ichiba Junction. (日本語記事はこちらからどうぞ)

We sell 1 item with special price every week plus we have Monthly Special as well.

Please check Ichiba Junction website every week!

Don't miss out!

The weekly sale product for this week is this...




Kaneryo Ajitsuke Mozuku Sanbaizu Genen(Mozuku Seaweed with Sweet Vinegar Sauce Reduced Salt) 80gx3p

$3.70 → $3.35 (Until 19/10/2017)






These items will be on weekly special on next 4 weeks!


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Please stay tuned!

When we update weekly special, we will update on Facebook.
Please check our Facebook page for more information!