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Best to eat at NIGHT? Natto Poweeer!! -The secret of Hiruzen Natto DC-15 Kin-

2017-08-02 12:00:30


Needless to say, natto is very nutritious and great for our health & beauty.

How many effects do you know from the chart??


Natto 効果英語-001


It is tiring to read them all, but we can understand why natto is a super food!

Natto has been known as healthy food and has been eaten in Japan for a long time. And it has been getting some interests from people in other countries too recently. But now in Japan, new natto called "DC-15 kin(kin=bacteria) natto" has been getting attention.

The reason is as below;

1.   Suppressing increase of blood sugar level

With DC-15 kin natto, they need to indicate "If you are undergoing treatment of diabetes, please be careful with low blood sugar" because of the strong effect to prevent absorption of sugar in body. So, this natto will be perfect for you if you worry about your sugar level,  but please be careful if you take medication for diabetic.

Blood Sugar Level of Male


2.    Preventing metabolic syndrome & effective for diet

As the result of  suppressing carbohydrates getting resolved into glucose, DC-15 kin helps to prevent metabolic syndrome and effective for diet♪

Female Weight Chage


3. Less smell, but sticky as same as other natto!

Some people do not like the smell of natto because it is fermented and has particular smell. But this DC-15 kin natto has less smell, so it will be worth to try even it if you have given up the smell of natto before! And the stickiness is still there to enjoy the texture.

001-280 007-280



By the way, have you ever heard "Natto is better to eat at night"??

There are 2 reasons for that.

The first one is because of "Nattokinase" which is an enzyme in Natto and it makes blood fluent and clean. This Nattokinase  works actively for 10-12 hours after we eat natto and blood clot happens more while we are sleeping. That is why it is better to eat natto for dinner!

Also another reason is all the vitamins & calcium included in natto.  The vitamins which help to make healthy skin and calcium for bones & relax your body and mind work better while you are sleeping. So, eating natto at night is good for skin & relaxing sleep.


But if you still do not want to eat natto, we recommend to try "natto furikake(rice seasoning)" instead♪