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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly SPECIAL for March 2017 -NEW Ika Tempura-

2017-03-01 12:00:11

Chirashi-sushi is mixed sushi rice with sashimi on top. It is colourful and gorgeous dish for special accessions.  But we would like to suggest "Tenmusu"  for this Hinamatsuri. "Tenmusu" is "Tempura" + "Omusubi(Onigiri rice ball)" which is a famous food in Nagoya in Japan. Usually tempura prawns are used for Tenmusu, but we would like to suggest to use our NEW "Squid Tempura" with SALE price! It is one bite size and easy to serve for parties.


Also our long selling item, "Izumidai" is even cheaper this month! This is sashimi quality white fish fillet without bone or skin, ready to use after defrosting. Perfect to make Carpaccio too. For the Carpaccio salad, look dressings from here, or the easy handmade rice black vinegar recipe from here




Ika Tempura (Cut Squid Tempura) 20p(500g)

$14.00$11.50 (Only in VIC & SA)

1 bite size squid tempura is perfect for your lunch & parties.  Serve with tempura sauce, okonomi sauce or chilli sauce etc. Just deep fry 3-3.5 mins and it is ready to eat!





UMAMI Sui Vinegar 20L


Blended vinegar perfect for sushi from Osaka. This vinegar has some sugar & salt added already, so it is easy to arrange to the taste of your sushi rice. 001-280 004-280



Izumidai (Tilapia) Fillet 198-255g


The quality and taste are similar to tai(snapper). This is sashimi quality fillet without bone or skin. Just defrost and ready to serve! Perfect for sashimi or Carpaccio.

11061414_545ae78521138[1]Izumidai defrosted-001



DAIWA Sushi Vinegar 20L


Seasoned vinegar ready to use for your sushi!  You just need to mix this with your hot rice. Also this mixed vinegar is good for pickles as well. Cut any vegetable you like and pickle with this vinegar for a easy finger food!

11051924_5459ded403625[1] 11051925_5459defa52ef5[1]