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Easter SALE "Daruma Rice, fish fillets are on SALE!!"

2017-03-31 17:00:34

The Easter is coming on 16th, and 14th is Good Friday this year.

Would you eat fish for Good Friday?? Even without the religion,  eating fish sometimes is good for our health. So, we would like to introduce a dish, called "Acqua Pazza"for this occasion! For the detailed recipe, please click HERE.


It is an Italian dish, but because of the simple but flavoursome sauce from the fish & white wine, and the colourful look, it is so popular between young Japanese. For the detailed recipe, please click here! Using the "Oka Foods" fish fillets on SALE now, it is easy & reasonable to try it. The quick pasta with the tasty left over sauce is so nice too...

Also there are many other sale items this month. Don't miss them!



Daruma Rice 10Kg


Our popular Daruma rice is available with smaller size. This medium grain rice is ready to be cooked without rinsing. It is suitable for steamed rice, fried rice, don-buri rice bowls, and can be used for various rice recipes! GMO Free

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Beijyu Rice 20kg

$43 $38

Premium quality Calrose medium grain rice from US is perfect for sushi.
The quality is maintained because of the reduced rate of oxidation.
Light rinse is required, convenient to cook everyday!

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Chikuwa Fish Cake Sticks Half Cut 17p(425g)


Please use chikuwa for your salad or cold dishes after defrosting, or stir fries and stews.
This half cut chikuwa is perfect for tempura. Just dip in tempura butter and deep fry it until it gets crispy. Chikuwa tempura is nice by itself and with soba or udon noodles.

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Juicy & soft big octopus pieces(10-15g per piece)!!
Seasoned already, so just need to deep fry from frozen and crunchy outside.
Perfect for appetiser or finger food for party.

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New!60    Ika Geso (Squid Legs) Karaage Skewers 20p/1kg


Everyone's favourite squid testicle karaage is perfect with your drinks! Juicy inside & crunchy outside. It is already seasoned and battered. Please deep fry in 180℃ oil for about 3-5 mins until the colour turns light brown.

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Oka Foods Aji Kirimi Honetori (Horse Mackerel Fillets without Bones) 60gx5pcs


Perfect for grill & deep fry.

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Oka Foods Hokke Kirimi Honetori (Atka Mackerel Fillets without Bones) 60gx5pcs


Usually it is grilled, but karaage or on ochazuke(rice with hot green tea) are nice too.

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Oka Foods Saba Kirimi Honetori (Mackerel Fillets without Bones) 60gx5pcs


Perfect for grilled with sweet miso, teriyaki and deep fry.




Oka Foods Karei Saikyoyaki (Kyoto Style Grilled Flounder Fillets) without Bones 50gx5pcs


Kyoto style grilled flounder without bones. The texture of the fish is soft and matches well with sweet soy sauce taste. It is already cooked, so can be served by just thawing at room temperature or defrosting in boiling water without opening the packet.




Oka Foods Saba Shiokoujizuke (Mackerel Fillets Marinated with Kouji Mold) without Bones 60gx5pcs


Mackerel fillets marinated with kouji(rice mold). Kouji brings all the flavour from the fillets and natural sweetness.



Cuckoo Rice Cooker 35 cups
CUCKOO Conventional rice cooker for 35 cups. Accessories include measure cup, silicone pad and rice paddle. It has big capacity, double safety device, double layered lid, cook & warm function, High warming efficiency, PTFE coating inner pot, Convenient move bar handle. It is Australian power plug and 220-240 Volts.

1 YEAR warranty from your purchased date.
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