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Tempura Monthly SALE -Our popular Tempura & the sauce-

2017-05-01 08:30:43

We have few of our popular Tempura on sale this month. So we would like to review some important tips to fry yummy Tempura!



1    Fry from frozen

If you defrost frozen fried foods, some water will come out from the content of them and especially meat or seafood won't taste as good as ones fried properly. Also the moisture will soften outside(batter part or bread crumb)and cause oil jumping. And frost on frozen foods also can make oil splash, so please remove it well before frying.

2   Use enough oil to cover Tempura

You might want to use minimum oil, but especially for frozen foods, use enough oil at least to cover the foods to fry nicely even.

3   Keep the oil 170-180℃

Especially frozen foods can be left cold inside even after fried. So to prevent it, keep the oil temperature  170-180℃ and fry each piece gradually. After putting frozen foods, the temperature of oil will drop, so increase the heat and lower again about 30 seconds later. And also try not to put too many frozen foods in oil at once.

These tips are for frozen foods to be cooked through inside as well. Please adjust the temperature of oil for your own tempura or katsu depending on the ingredients.

Let's try nice Tempura for your meal!



Yamasa Tempura Senka (Sauce for Tempura) 330ml


This is a dipping sauce for tempura which uses first brewing dashi stock. And the sauce uses soy sauce with GM free soy beans.  No preservative added. This is convenient for other cooking as well.



UMAMI Cooked Tempura Prawns 1kg(33pcs)


The taste & texture are even better than previous one, and the prawns are bigger than before. This is fully cooked, so just need to be warmed up in microwave, oven or air-fryer. It is nice by itself of course, but perfect for udon, soba, tendon(rice bowl with tempura on top) and bento.

001-280 002-280



きらり50 New!60きらり50Vegetable Kakiage (Mixed Vegetable Tempura) 100gx10p


Big size kakiage tempura! Warm up in either microwave, air fryer, oven or oil to eat. Perfect for hot udon/soba or on rice for Ten-don.

001-280 002-280



Assorted Vegetable Tempura 115g


Mixed vegetable tempura with pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, lotus root, and green beans. This is perfect tempura set!

11051605_5459b029ea6d7[1] Assort Tempura-001



Konbu Tsuyu 1.8L


Concentrated kelp base sauce & soup seasoning. If you have 1 bottle, you can use for the most of Japanese cooking such as dipping sauce for cold noodles or tempura, stews and stir fries.



Yamasa Soy Sauce 18L (Cask Eco-Cube)


Yamasa Soy Sauce 18L in the box.This box has a tap inside so it is easy to use.