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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Noodle SALE in June 2017 -Soba, Udon & many more!!-

2017-06-01 08:30:14

For the cold weather, udon or soba with hot soup will warm up your body. And if there is Inari, it is perfect...!



Healthy Sanma(Mackerel Pike) with quality protein & unsaturated fatty acid is easy to cook on your BBQ. It is nice simply with salt or ponzu with grated daikon.



Shimadaya Inaniwa Fu Udon 250gx5p


This is Inaniwa style udon which is originally made in Akita prefecture and said one of the highest quality thin type udon in Japan. Just boil for 1 min.


ichiba sale

Yudetate Tokutoku Nihon Soba 200gx5p

$ 6.75$4.90

Best quality quick frozen Soba. Boil for 40 sec and drain, then serve with soup or sauce. Good for both hot & cold.



UMAMI Ajitsuke Inari (Prepared Fried Soybean Curd Pouches) 40p/900g


Just drain the liquid and staff them with sushi rice or mixed rice.
It is nice to put this Inari on top of Udon or Soba with hot soup or shop it into thin stripes and mix in Chirashi-zushi (mixed sushi rice) or vegetables to make quick dishes. MSG Free

Sanma (Mackerel Pike) 5pcs (700g) 


Sanma has great protein, unsaturated fatty acid(DHA and EPA) which is really good for our health and Vitamin B group, Vitamin D, Calcium and minerals. Sanma is not only tasty, but also really nutritious for us!

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Ogura An Sweet Red Beans 475g


Cooked sweet read beans for a topping of dessert and drinks.
It is half beans and half paste, so easy to make Asian red bean sweet soup.




きらり50New!60きらり50 Marukin Premium Soy Sauce Cask 10L

$20 $18


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Umami Sushi Sashimi Soy Sauce (CASK) 10L


This is mainly for sushi & sashimi dishes but suitable to make your own sauces such as teriyaki sauce, yakiniku(Japanese BBQ) sauce or yakitori (Japanese chicken skewers) sauce. The mild and fresh taste of the say sauce will match with various dishes.
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