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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Halloween SALE!! -NEW Gao Bao in Ichiba♪-

2017-09-28 17:00:55





Halloween season has come back again and we all should feel like the end of year coming soon.... so fast every year!! Before the very busy season starts, let's have a break enjoying the start of spring♪ (日本語はこちらから)

tartar kani tama

We would like to introduce our new products which has been popular in Australia. Both our UMAMI brand "Gua Bao plain & wholemeal Taiwanese Steam Buns" are so soft & moist, easy & yummy♪ Just steam or microwave for your breakfast or lunch and sand whatever you like.

Also our popular Aloe & Aloe Mango drinks are on sale. It would be nice to make cocktails too. Perfect for these coming warm days!

double pumpkins


NEW! UMAMI Wholemeal Gua Bao (Taiwanese Style Steamed Bun) 60gx10p


Moist & soft Taiwanese buns at home! Mixed with wholemeal flour and healthier.
Just sand your favourite things inside such as stewed pork, chicken/pork katsu & veges. It is quite filling and perfect for your breakfast or lunch♪

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NEW!UMAMI Gua Bao (Taiwanese Style Bun) 30gx20p


Smaller than wholemeal Gua Bao but still filling & satisfying! Just steam or microwave and sand your favourite things inside.

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UMAMI Teriyaki Sauce 1.8L


You do not need to worry about mixing all the seasoning for teriyaki dish! Just marinate your meat, fish, tofu or vegetables and pan-fry them. Or pan-fry your ingredients and finish with this teriyaki sauce glazing around them.


$30 → $27