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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly SALE for January 2018 -Don't miss Unagi!!-

2018-01-02 08:30:00





Thank you very much for your support whole year in 2017. We hope everyone had had/ have been enjoying the break and refreshing for the new year come.


And, here ere are monthly sale items for January!

Unagi is well know and loved by many people. The tip to enjoy it even more is that to grill the skin part before serving. Just defrost Unagi and cook on non stick pan without oil for few minutes. Be careful not to burn it!



T4U Aloe Vera Lychee Juice 490ml x 24 bottles

$30.00 → $21.60

NEW lychee flavour is added to our aloe drink range!!
Juicy & refreshing taste will satisfy your thirst. The texture of aloe vera is fun in your mouth♪

001-280 002-280


Umami Unagi Yellow Label 237-263g

$9.95$8.95 (The price is applied for orders more than 20 packets)

Already seasoned & cooked unagi(eel) is easy to prepare. Grilled unagi matches with the sweet soy sauce very much.  Just warm up in microwave, oven, or boil with the closed vacuum pack.



Frozen Renkon (Lotus Root) 3mm Slice 500g


Renkon slices are great ingredients for salad, sti-fry, stew, tempura and many more!  The crunchy texture will make your dish more interesting.



Frozen Gobo (Burdock Root) 5mm Slice 500g


5mm slices. You can deep fry or simmer the frozen gobo. Good for tapas, appetizer or side dish in bento box. Burdock root contains good amounts of electrolyte potassium and low in sodium.

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$30$21.60  EACH box