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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Katsu Curry SALE in Feb & Mar -KOSHIHIKARI Rice $16 !!-

2018-02-01 08:30:30

This time Monthly Special is for 2 months in February & March!


Our best selling "Sun Rice KOSHIHIKARI Rice 10kg" is on sale. Please do not miss it!!

Also curry & dressings are on sale too, so we would like to suggest a meal plan "Curry Rice with Salad"♪  The spicy curry will be refreshed by your salad.

Let's enjoy the rest of summer ^o^




 Sun Rice KOSHIHIKARI Rice 10kg

(Except GC Pick Up orders)

$18.40 → $16 (Until 31/04/2018)

This Koshihikari rice is the super premium short grain rice from Sun Rice.
Soft, moist, springy and slightly sweet- enjoy the taste & texture by itself.
Perfect rice for sushi.




Hokkaido Kitayuki Mochi (Uncooked Glutinous Rice) 1kg


Premium quality Hokkaido sticky rice is on BIG SALE!! No need to soak before cooking, just set in your rice cooker. Suitable for both desert & savoury cooking.

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House Java Curry Karakuchi (Hot Curry) 185g   (Except GC pick up orders)


Fresh hotness from blended spices & deep flavour from fruits.
This is one of the best selling products in House brand and has been loved by many people in Japan. 2 small packets x 4-5 servings inside.


SSK French Shiro (Creamy French) Dressing 300ml


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SSK Chuka (Soy Sauce & Sesame Oil Based) Dressing 300ml 

$3.80$2.60   (Sale ONLY in February!!)


SSK Non Oil Aojiso (Green Shiso) Dressing 300ml




Pork Katsu (Bread Crumbed Pork) 25pcs/6kg


Do not worry about all the process to season the meat, dust flour, dipping in egg and putting on panko...! It is all prepared for you. Just deep fry or cook in oven to serve.




Chicken Katsu (Bread Crumbed Chicken) 25pcs/6kg

$73 $70

This chicken katsu is also ready to cook. If you prefer lighter taste, this is better option than pork katsu!