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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly SALE in April 2018 - Daisho, Yamasa, Koshihikari, many popular items are on SALE!! -

2018-03-29 17:00:05






Finally hot days are ending and it feels like autumn is just around the corner in Melbourne. There is a word "Shokuyoku no Aki (Autumn appetite)" in Japan. Because many animals eat a lot in autumn to store energy for winter, and of course we human too.

We have many items on SALE from Yamasa & Daisho which are perfect for this season. Especially Daisho items are already mixed seasoning for each cooking and really helpful for busy days. If you haven't tried, don't miss this sale! Please check the recipes from here.

Also our "UMAMI Chicken Karaaage" is on sale. This is already seasoned and cooked, so you just need to warm up to serve.

Let's enjoy our "Shokuyoku no Aki" with these items♪



Daisho Kurozu Shoga (Rice Black Vinegar with Ginger Sauce) 120g

$3.80$2.65   30%off

This sauce uses chopped Japanese golden ginger & Black Vinegar from Japanese brown rice. The rich sauce is perfect for with both meat & fish. Just pour on your cooked meat or fish and the main dish is ready. This is a perfect dipping sauce for hot pot as well!

001-280kurozu subuta-001

Or, get free packet!!



Daisho Nizakana no Tsuyu(Sweet Soy Sauce for Fish) 300g

$3.30$2.30      30%off

The quality soy sauce based sauce with the depth from black mirin(matured mirin) & hidaka kelp extract. Just cook your fish fillets with this sauce for about 10 minutes and your main is ready to serve!



Daisho Misoni no Tsuyu(Miso Based Sauce for Fish) 300g

$3.30$2.30     30%off

Uses Shinshu miso, pure mirin and junmai sake, and finished with mild elegant sweetness. This sauce is ideal for saba mackerel, and white fish.



Daisho Seafood Ahijo(Spices for Oil Cooked Seafood) 8g(2 serves)x2p

$2.70$1.90      30%off

The popular Spanish dish at home♪
The mixed spices have rich aroma of garlic, black pepper, chilli, oregano, thyme & ginger. It goes really well with chilled white wine! The sauce is perfect for pasta as well.

001-280 IMG20180106181104-001


Konbu Tsuyu 1.8L

$12.30 → $9.90

Concentrated kelp & bonito base sauce & soup mixed seasoning. If you have 1 bottle, you can use for the most of Japanese cooking such as dipping sauce for cold noodles or tempura, stews and stir fries.



Juicy chicken Karaage made with quality chicken following authentic Japanese recipe!
This is fully cooked, ready to serve after warming up in microwave/oven/air-fryer.

001-280 005-280


Yamasa Soy Sauce 18L in the box.This box has a tap inside so it is easy to use.


You do not need to worry about mixing all the seasoning for teriyaki dish!
Just marinate your meat, fish, tofu or vegetables and pan-fry them. Or pan-fry your ingredients and finish with this teriyaki sauce glazing around them.

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