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"Gluten Free Pastas with Japanese Germinated Brown Rice♪

2018-05-01 17:00:22

Have you tried our "GLUTEN FREE Pastas with Japanese Sprouted Brown Rice" already?? (日本語記事はこちらから♪)

The key ingredient "Japanese sprouted brown rice" has a plenty of nutrition!

We would like to introduce the benefit and the taste of the pastas ♪


.                  what-is-germinated-brown-rice

Literally, it's germinated brown rice only tiny bit which activates enzyme and increases the nutrition inside brown rice to prepare for sprout. That is why, it's even more nutritious than normal brown rice! Additionally, the germination shouldn't be too proceeded because the nutrition will start being used to grow sprout.

When the enzyme becomes active, the sugar and protein inside brown rice are broken down, so the sweetness in the taste and amino acid increase. That is why, germinated brown rice is rich in nutrition and umami.


The little germs look like cute curry hair on head!


So, which nutrition does germinated brown rice contain??



We can see the high nutrition value even comparing to plain flour.



Of course eating  1 packet of the pastas doesn't give enough daily nutrition like taking tablets. But  "Gluten Free Pastas with Japanese Germinated Brown Rice" are more natural & have lower calories than normal pasta, and we can expect more nutritious benefits.


And how about the taste of the pastas & sauces?!

The picture below is boiled "Gluten Free Linguine"♪  To prevent sticking together, we recommend to add a dash of olive oil to boil like for normal pasta.

The colour is whiter than normal pasta because it doesn't use any eggs for the ingredients.



Firstly, we tried the same Gluten Free series pasta sauces, "Gluten Free Kinoko(Mushroom) White Sauce" & "Gluten Free Arrabbiata (Spicy Tomato) Pasta Sauce". We just mixed each sauce into boiled pastas!


We expected quite spicy sauce for Arrabbiata , but because of the sweetness & taste of tomato, and aroma of garlic, even kids will enjoy it a lot♪ Actually if you are a chilli lover, we recommend to add bit of dry chilli in the sauce. And the best part of this was the texture of penne! The taste is not different from normal pasta, but the mochi mochi (soft and chewy) texture can be addictive.



This Gluten Free Kinoko(Mushroom) White Sauce doesn't use flour or daily, but quite creamy like normal white sauce.  The thick texture is mainly from rice puree, and the mixed 4 types of mushrooms(white cup mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, king mushrooms and shiitake) give all the flavours to the sauce. It might seem little, but 1 packet of linguine pasta & the sauce were filling enough for 1 person. If you like ardent, we recommend to boil the pasta for  5-7 minutes.



Gluten Free  Penne  Hachi Funmatsu Pasta Sauce Peperoncino


Hachi Funmatsu Pasta Sauce Peperoncino is not a gluten free item, but the simple spicy garlic taste is perfect to enjoy the texture of the pasta. Just mix the pasta sauce with boiled pasta.


Gluten Free Macaroni  Gluten Free pasta sauces


Mochi mochi(soft and chewy) textured big macaroni is the best matching with the sauces. We used both  "Gluten Free Kinoko(Mushroom) White Sauce" & "Gluten Free Arrabbiata (Spicy Tomato) Pasta Sauce", but even just the white sauce will be tasty.


And grill the cheese on the top in oven!


Gluten Free linguine  Matsutake Furikake


Furikake is rice seasoning. This matsutake furikake is also not gluten free, but it is a unique idea recipe to try! Just mix furikake in your boiled pasta. If you would like, add dashi powder and soy sauce to adjust the taste.