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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly SALE in May 2018

2018-05-01 10:30:36


We have NEW hot pot soups from Japan for this winter!

Please check it from here♪ (日本語記事はこちらから!)

Nabe Large 2018



UMAMI Karaage Ichiban (Fully Cooked Chicken Karaage) 1kg


Juicy chicken Karaage made with quality chicken following authentic Japanese recipe!
This is fully cooked, ready to serve after warming up in microwave/oven/air-fryer. Perfect to sand in Gao Bao!

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UMAMI Gua Bao (Taiwanese Style Steamed Bun) 30gx20p


Moist & soft Taiwanese buns at home!
Just sand your favourite things inside such as stewed pork, chicken/pork katsu & veges. It is quite filling and perfect for your breakfast or lunch♪

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Royal Karibu (Crab Sticks with Crab Meat) 1kg

$25.00$22.50      perfect-for-nabe

Contains real crab meat and pursued the closest taste & texture to the real crab legs.
For salad, sushi rolls, an ingredient of soup, and fir Nabe hot pot!
This is nice for tempura as well and will be a tasty snack by itself.

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Zakkoku Konnyaku Noodles Pumpkin/ Carrot / Spinach Flavour 200g Each

$2.00$1.80 Each         perfect-for-nabe

This konnyaku noodles have miscellaneous grain in the ingredients which have various vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Just rinse with water and it is ready to eat with your favourite seasoning in your salad, stir fry and soup.

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House Oroshi Nama Ninniku(Grated fresh Garlic) 43g

$2.40$2.15            perfect-for-nabe

Fresh flavour garlic paste is in a small squeezable package. It can be use for cooking or dipping sauce to add the flavour. It is so convenient to have 1 at home!

Garlic 280


No Rinse Food Sanitiser 5L


Food safe sanitiser. No need to dilute or rinse after wiping.  Pour into a spray bottle and use in your kitchen area. Keep your hygiene in  kitchen with this!


These YAMASA items are on SALE until the end of May ♪

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