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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly SALE in September 2018 -Healthy Japanese Pasta & Sauces are 50%OFF!!-

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Do you think "Gluten Free Pasta" is not tasty?? This "Japanese Rice Pasta" with germinated brown rice is as tasty as normal pasta. We recommend to boil for shorter time than the time on the package for nicer texture.

Also the 2 types of "Gluten Free Pasta sauces" from the same brand are great to try. Both of them use Japanese rice to thicken the sauces and don't use meat or daily, but you won't believe it when you taste them. Hope you can try with the sale prices!


UMAMI Karaage Ichiban (Fully Cooked Chicken Karaage) 1kg


Juicy chicken Karaage made with quality chicken following authentic Japanese recipe!
This is fully cooked, ready to serve after warming up in microwave/oven/air-fryer. Perfect to sand in Gao Bao!

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Sakamoto no Kurozu (Rice Black Vinegar)  360ml with a measuring cup

$17.60 $12.30

This quality rice black vinegar is a natural fermented drink and seasoning made in Kagoshima Japan.  It has amino acid, peptide and organic acid to support your health and beauty everyday.

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$42.00$36.00      (Excludes Gold Coast SHOP)

Yamasa Soy Sauce 18L in the box with a easy tap to use.