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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Tempura SALE in January -NEW 3 types of Cooked Tempura arrived!-

2018-12-31 17:00:26

Happy New Year!!

We hope you have been spending a great time to start 2019.

Thank you very much for all your supports, and shopping in Ichiba Junction last year. We will try our best to introduce more interesting & tasty items on our website.

January monthly SALE for the start of year is "Tempura Special"!! Crispy tempura, easy at home. It is all prepared, no need to mess your kitchen. Just warm up or quickly fry if you like.

And tempura is not only to eat by itself. Please try these ways to enjoy your tempura more!!








Pumpkin Tempura 500g                                                         Green Beans Tempura   500g

$5.50$4.80     ( Exclude GC SHOP)                                 $5.50$4.80 ( Exclude GC SHOP)

001-280       001-280

 Eggplant Tempura 500g                                                         Okura Tempura 500g

$5.50$4.80         ( Exclude GC SHOP)                             $5.50 $4.80 ( Exclude GC SHOP)

001-280       001-280


Sweet Potato Tempura 500g

$5.50$4.80  ( Exclude GC SHOP)



Daisho Misoni no Tsuyu(Miso Based Sauce for Fish) / Nizakana no Tsuyu(Sweet Soy Sauce for Fish) 300g

$3.30$2.30       30%off red  ( Exclude GC SHOP)

001-280 001-280


King Sushi Nori Full Size(Roasted Seaweed) 100sh

$24$15     ( Exclude GC SHOP)

Premium quality, great for sushi.

11051714_5459c05bb5e3b[1] 45b3d3aa24ee95b255249bd78d373df8_s

UM I Sushi Nori Full Size(Roasted Seaweed for Sushi) 100 sheets


Strong roasted seaweed to hold rice. Suitable for sushi rolls.

001-280 003-280