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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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June Monthly Special ~ UDON♪UDON♪~

2019-05-31 17:00:41





Sanuki Frozen Udon 250g x 5pcs

$5.00 → $4.00 (Exclude Gold Coast)

Our popular product "Sanuki Frozen Udon" is now on SALE!! Just boil for 30-60sec. Drain, and serve with udon soup & garnishes (why not VEGETABLE KAKIAGE or INARI). Or you may put UDON directly to hot pot with your favourite Daisho Hot Pot Soup!

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Yamasa Kombu Tsuyu 1.8L

$12.30→ $9.90 (Exclude Gold Coast)

Concentrated kelp & bonito base sauce & soup mixed seasoning. If you have 1 bottle, you can use for the most of Japanese cooking such as dipping sauce for cold noodles or tempura, stews and stir fries.



Vegetable Kakiage (Mixed Vegetable Tempura) 100gx10p

$14.00→ $12.50 (Exclude Gold Coast)

Big size kakiage tempura! Crispy and tasty!!
Warm up in either microwave, air fryer, oven or oil to eat.

Kakiage is a very nice topping for udon or soba noodles! Or even nice as it is with dipping sauce.



UMAMI Ajitsuke Inari (Prepared Fried Soybean Curd Pouches) 40p/900g

$6.80→ $5.90 (Exclude Gold Coast)

It is nice to put this Inari on top of Udon or Soba with hot soup or shop it into thin stripes and mix in Chirashi-zushi (mixed sushi rice) or vegetables to make quick dishes.



~A few more specials!!!!!~


Hokkaido Ootsubu (Bigger Soy Beans) Natto 40gx2p

$2.35 → $1.90

This natto uses 100% top quality large soy beans(GM free) from Hokkaido. The soft texture & the mild taste are so traditional.



Kizakura Amazake (Sake Lees Soft Drink) 190g

$3.20 → $2.25 (Exclude Gold Coast)

Amazake with sake lees is a Japanese traditional fermented drink, and this Kizakura one uses special sake lees from their own sake brewer.