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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Chongga Korean Oden

  • $ 9.35
  • This Oden (Fish Cake) is easy to cook. You can make Oden (cook in soup), Salad or Topokki (Korean rice cake dish). The cooking instruction is back of the package.

    Gold Coast Branch (Sold Out)
    • Qty
    • NET : 1kg
    • Manufacture : Chongga
    • Shipping Weight : 1020 g
    • Shipping Volume : 3861 cm3
    • Ingredients : Fish Flesh(Pollack, D-Solbitol, suger, Acidity regulator), Wheat Flour(Cereals containing Gluten), Refined Salt, Soybean Oil, Monosodium L-Glutamate, D-Xylose, Glucono Lactone, Potassium Sorbate, Glucosyl Stevia Contains wheat