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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Hakodate No Meshi (Squid Rice Mix) 70g

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  • This product is a rice mix from Hakodate in Hokkaido using mainly squid, and scallop, shiitake mushroom and mekabu(thick wakame leaves).
    There is a separated konbu dashi liquid included and no need to add any other seasoning. You can easily enjoy the taste of Hokkaido at home.

    *How to use*
    1. Rinse 2 to 3 cups of rice.
    2. Open the whole packet (NOT the konbu dashi liquid yet) in a big bowl.
    3. Add rinsed rice and 2 to 3.5 cups of water into 2 and mix.
    4. Add the konbu dashi liquid and cook the rice.

    *Please adjust the water depending on your favourite texture of rice.
    *The cooking process might vary depending on your rice cooker, so please follow the instruction of your rice cooker.
    *If you use no-rinse rice, please soak the rice before you cook not to leave hard uncooked rice later.
    *Once you open the package, please use whole packet at once.

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    • NET : 70g
    • Manufacture : Sapporo Shokuhin
    • Shipping Weight : 80 g
    • Shipping Volume : 378 cm3
    • Ingredients : Dried Squid Flake, Dried Shiitake Mushroom, Thick Wakame Seaweed, Brown Algae Extract, Seasoning(Soy Sauce, Flavour Enhancer(621)), Scallop Extract, Kelp Extract