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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Miso Fettuccine


ingredients: 300g Fettuccine / 200g Chicken Thigh Fillets / 120g Shiitake Mashrooms / Green Onion / 12g Garlic / Chilli Flake / Sugar / Salt / Pepper / 100g Miso Paste / 240ml White Wine / 40g Butter

1) Chop garlic finely and grate green onion a little, cut chicken and shiitake mushrooms into pieces.
Boil fettuccine according to directions on packet, drain, keep warm.

2) Fry garlic and chilli flake in an oiled pan until being fragrant.

3) Put chicken and shiitake mushroom into the pan and cook.

4) Add white wine, miso and sugar, simmer over low heat.

5) Place freshly boiled fettuccne and mix well, then add grated onion.

6) Put the butter just before eating, then serve.