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茶香炉 Cha Kouro ーRelaxation & Deodorization with "Tea Incense Burner"ー

2020-03-31 15:00:14



We would like to introduce "Cha Kouro" in Ichiba Junction!


"Cha Kouro" is a tea incense burner  and we can just use normal unused tea leaves.

You do not need to buy any special tea. It can be any of your favourite tea leaves even black tea, herb tea and coffee beans. But for the first time, we recommend to try the scent with green tea (sencha or genmaicha). Depending on which tea you use, the fragrance changes.


It is really easy to use Cha Kouro. Just put about 1 table spoon of your tea leaves on top of Cha Kouro and light on candle. To enjoy the natural scent from your tea, it would be better to use unscented candles. Please be careful to light candles!


Any tea leaves can be used!


Just after few minutes, you will start to smell the nice roasted tea fragrance as if you are in a Japanese tea shop in Kyoto and feel relaxed like the time when you have a cup of nice hot green tea. The scent is not as strong as aroma oils, but when the air moves around Cha Kouro, or when you come back from other room, you will definitely smell it and it wouldn't bother you even if you smell the tea fragrance for a while unless you hate tea. The relaxation effect of green tea has been scientifically proved, but even without the proof,  many people must have felt relaxed when they have or smell green tea.

IMG_2961-001 IMG_2949

The light from Cha Kouro relaxes you too....


Not only relaxation effect, but also green tea has great deodorization as well. Cha Kouro will help to remove the smell of cooking, tabaco and rooms.

The Cha Kouro we are introducing here is "Oribe Irabo Cha Kouro". "Oribe(yaki)" is one of the famous styles of pottery in Japan. Especially the green one is called "Ao-Oribe" and the most famous one in Oribe(yaki). The texture of the surface is rough that is why it is called "Irabo". The unique design with chic colour will match in any place and be loved as a present as well.

And after enjoying the aroma of tea, the tea leaves can be used as "Houji Cha"(roasted green tea). In the case, please check the tea leaves are clean for drink.


We put the tea leaves in a cup and poured hot water. The roasted green tea leaves smelt so good and the both taste & colour were "Houji Cha"! One usage of leaves for Cha Kouro is just enough for 1 cup of tea :)



IMG_2935 IMG_2939

Oribe Irabo Cha Kouro Cho         Oribe Irabo 3.5 Cha Kouro

$ 27.30                                                                               $ 29.60


Now we have some green tea, so please try with Cha Kouro!

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