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Edamame(immature soybeans) power for Healthy livings !

2015-06-28 17:23:22

Edamame(immature soybeans) is a very popular at Japanese restaurants and at home in Japan. (日本語ページはこちら)
Recently, edamame has become the center of attention among American consumers as
various tests have provided evidence that nutrients contained in Edamame can actually help lower the  risk of coronary heart diseases,  prevent  cancers,
and fight symptoms of menopause and osteoporosis.  Low in fat and high in protein,
Edamame is often used as a meat substitute by those who  are  watching their  weight.
Studies  have also indicated that consumption of Edamame protein as compared to other proteins from milk or meat has  been proven to  lower  cholesterol level.

So why not change your diet and replenish your body with the essential, healthy fats your body needs, as opposed to the saturated fats your  body  does  not need!!
Edamame comes in  an unbeatable shell or  pod,  and  its  ease  of  preparation
and snack like feature provides for an attractive alternative  to  unhealthy  junk  food  like
chips  or  popcorn.  What's  more,  food  like Edamame can be as effective as pharmaceuticals  in  treating  the  symptoms  of  certain diseases and with fewer side effects!! Moreover,  one  acre  of  soybeans  produces 30 times  more  protein  than  one  acre  of  land  devoted  to  raising beef.
By eating more Edamame, you will thus be protecting our environment!

Following are the key findings  that some scientists  have  discovered  so  far,  and  with more yet to come!
Edamame  is  the  only vegetable that contains as much  protein,  fat and  carbohydrates as  fish  and  meat.
It   also  has  high  level  of  calcium,  zinc, copper, potassium, fiber, magnesium, iron,
phosphorus,  coenzyme-Q10;  more  vitamin  A & E than fish, and as much vitamin C as oranges.
It is just like a concentrated vegetable full of nutrients.

Hot Flashes:
Edamame contains protein which carries isoflavones, the plant  estrogens  that
scientists think may be an alternative to  estrogen  replacement therapy.
Early  clinical  trials  have already shown that soy protein reduces the severity of some menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.  One  cup of Edamame is roughly similar to one tablet of Premarin,
an  estrogen  replacement  synthesized  from mare urine. In addition, peptides (fragments of protein) produced in  the  process  of  decomposition of protein have been found to contain powerful ingredients that can reduce blood pressure.

Heart Disease Risk Reduction: G
Edamame has been proven to reduce  the  cholesterol  level during experiments and thus lower the risk of heart diseases.
Indeed, there  is  substantial  evidence  that  consuming 25grams of soy protein daily can lower  total  and  LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels. In fall of 1999, Food and Drug Administration of USA has  approved the labeling "reduces the risk of coronary heart disease" on soy products.

Scientists have discovered certain compounds in Edamame that can actually help protect your cells against free radical damage.
Soy provides  a  bean boon for the prevention of heart disease, many forms of cancer, and premature aging.

Naturally Keep Fit:
Edamame contains  saponins  which  can  suppress fat synthesis, prevent fat absorption, speed up the process of fat dissolving, and thus help keep our body healthy and fit.

Let get edamame in your life !!