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Basic Knowledge of Japanese Cuisine 1

2016-01-13 14:09:03

This section introduces the basic table manners required to enjoy Japanese dishes, useful tips for beautiful  presentation and some details on Japanese seasonings.



~Japanese Table Manners~
Every country has its own set of table manners. The table manners required when partaking of delicate Japanese cuisines are often considered too rigid. Manners are, however, an expression of how much you care about others at the same table, and represent the most efficient way of having meals. It is therefore important to remember them.

-Proper Usage of Chopsticks-
Using chopsticks is an essential part of dining in Japan. By following some simple basic rules, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine in a sophisticated manner.

-How to Pick up Chopsticks-
To pick up chopsticks from the table, hold the middle of the chopsticks from above with your right hand, and pack them up while supporting them lightly from underneath with your left hand. Then hold the chopsticks with your right hand. To use disposable wooden chopsticks, pick them up in the same way as described above, and pull them apart. Using chopsticks immediately after pulling them apart is regarded as bad form, so place them on a chopstick rest in front of you first before using them.     


-Taboos Related to Chopsticks-
Once accustomed to using chopsticks, you should find them quite convenient. There are, however, some taboos related to the use of chopsticks, which you should observe in order not to spoil the merry atmosphere of the table.


●Passing Foods                                                                                                                              Never use your chopsticks to take something from someone else's chopsticks. This way of passing things relates to Japanese funerary custom.


●Touching Foods Unnecessarily
Don't touch foods with chopsticks unnecessarily without eating them.


●Shoveling Food into Mouth
Don't put your lips to a plate or bowl and shovel food into your mouth with chopsticks.


●Pointing at someone
Don't point at someone with chopsticks.


●Drawing Plates or bowls Near You
Don't draw a plate or bowl toward you with chopsticks.


Don't scoop up food by using chopsticks like a spoon and bring them to your mouth.


●Picking up Plates or Bowls While Holding Chopsticks
Don't pick up a plate or bowl while holding chopsticks.


●Laying Chopsticks across Plate or Bowl
Don't lay chopsticks across a plate or bowl.