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Basic Knowledge of Japanese Cuisine 2

2016-01-25 11:26:00

This section introduces the basic table manners required to enjoy Japanese dishes, useful tips for beautiful  presentation and some details on Japanese seasonings.



-How to Drink Tea-

Japanese tea is a common companion to Japanese foods. Authentic tea ceremonies require many formalities and manners, but for ordinary home or restaurant dining, all you need to know is just a few simple rules. The following should suffice to help you look sophisticated.

1. Hold the saucer with both hands, and place the tea in front of you. Lift the lid of the teacup to open gradually from your side with your right hand while holding the saucer lightly with your left hand.


2. Remove the moisture on the inner side of the lid by using the rim of the cup, and place the lid to the right of the cup with both hands.


3. Lift the cup with your right hand while holding the saucer lightly with your left hand. Then, drink the tea without making any noise with your left hand supporting the bottom of the cup lightly. After drinking all the tea, put the cup on the saucer and cover it with the lid.


※Try to drink up all the tea in a cup.