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Sakamoto no Kurozu -Why "rice black vinegar" is good for us??-

2018-12-21 17:27:49




"Vinegar" is one of the important seasonings we have at home.


It makes the tastes of dishes light, refreshing and isn't there the image that vinegar is good for our health?? There are many types of vinegars in the world, but "Kurozu(rice black vinegar)" is known as a super vinegar in Japan.

Our new item in Ichiba, "Sakamoto no Kurozu" is the authentic pure Kurozu made with the traditional method for over 200 years. Before we introduce it, we would like to understand the basic knowledge of Kurozu and its benefits first.

Easy Kurozu recipes are from here♪ 


What is Kurozu(rice black vinegar)??


Kuro=black and su(zu)=vingar, but we do not call Kurozu "black rice vinegar". The reason is that Kurozu is made with short grain rice but not black rice.

The majority of rice vinegars in Japan is made from polished short grain rice in short time. That is why it has strong sourness and light colour. On the other hand, Kurozu is made with brown rice mixed with barley or wheat(Sakamoto no Kurozu uses only brown rice) and gets fermented and matured for much longer time. Because of that, Kurozu is darker with mild sourness and rich in amino acid.



The nutrition & benefits of Kurozu

Diet effect with amino acid

One of the biggest features of Kurozu is the amount of amino acids.  Kurozu contains 8 of 9 essential amino acids which we can not make in our bodies. No need to say that amino acids are necessary for both of inside & outside of our bodies and it is also effective to burn body fat and maintain our basal metabolism which helps for diet. Especially Kurozu works better for the effect when body is warm after exercise or shower/bath and helps to reduce visceral fat or prevent cholesterol synthesis in blood as well.

.                                                                                                           walking

Reducing blood sugar level


Kurozu works to moderate increase of sugar level. So, it is effective to take Kurozu at the beginning or before your meals. But please do not take Kurozu when your stomach is empty because it can hurt your stomach. Also Kurozu has its own flavour, so you can expect to use less salt by using it for your cooking. In the result, using less salt helps to reduce blood pressure.


Relieving tiredness & calcium absorption by acetic acid

Acetic acid in vinegars changes to citric acid inside our bodies and support to recover from tiredness. Also citric acid promotes to absorb calcium inside body and it is said that vinegar helps to take in calcium 30-50 % more than taking calcium by itself. Also we can expect that when vinegar is used for cooking, it makes bones or shells softer and that helps calcium to melt into the sauce or soup.

.                                                                                                               bone


Healthy skin with amino acid

We mentioned about amino acid at the start, but it is important for our body metabolism and helps our skin turnover. And acetic acid helps to peal off old skin cells, so Kurozu works both inside & outside for our healthy skin. For outside, exfoliating is the best way. Please mix 30ml of Kurozu in 500ml of warm water and rinse your clean skin with it. You do not need to rinse with water after that unless it gives any irritation on your skin. Never put Kurozu on skin directly because it is too strong (please do patch test and be careful not to put the mixed vinegar water in your eyes. If your skin is sensitive, please consult your doctor.)



→ We will look more details of "Sakamoto no Kurozu" from here!