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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Toyamaken San KOSHIHIKARI Rice 5kg

$29.80  → $26.80

Toyama prefecture is known as the third heaviest snow area in the world.
Because of the plenty of melted snow water in mountains, Toyama produces the most seed rice in Japan.
Koshihikari rice from Toyama especially has the stickiness & rich umami taste.

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Minari Mentaiko Furikake (Spicy Cod Roe Rice Seasoning) 85g


Please enjoy the flavour on your hot rice. It is good for your onigiri(rice balls) or as seasoning for your pasta. The spicy cod roe flavour will satisfy your appetite...



House Oroshi Nama Shouga (Grated fresh ginger)43g


This is grated ginger in a tube, ready to use for your cooking sushi as marinate for your meat, garnish for your tofu & sashimi, and also for drinks. No colour added, taste the fresh ginger.

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Strong Pork Gyoza (Dumplings) 50pcs


Everyone's favourite JUICY & TASTY Strong Pork Gyoza!!! Enjoy the easy cooking Japanese style gyoza to home♪

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Yamasa Soy Sauce 18L (Cask Eco-Cube)


Yamasa Soy Sauce 18L for everyday cooking. This box has a tap inside, and it is easy to use.