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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Christmas SALE!! - Sushi nori & other items for the New Year -

2018-11-30 17:00:26






Christmas is coming soon, and it will be the New Year soon.

We have perfect items on SALE for the coming New Year♪

Do not miss this chance!!



Kohya Tofu (Dried Tofu) 165g

$3.80$3.40    (Exclude GC SHOP)

Kohya Tofu is one of Japanese traditional ingredients used for Japanese stew with dashi. Great sourse of various nutrition such as amino acid, lecithin or Vitamin E. Easy to cook because of the texture, and goes well with any ingredient for Nimono(Japanese stew), miso soup & agedashi tofu etc!

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Marushin Fukufuku Mochi (Dried Glutinous Rice Cake) 1kg

$14.80$13.30     (Exclude GC SHOP)

This rice cake uses 100% Japanese paddy glutinous rice. Eat your mochi with soy sauce & sugar, kinako(soy bean powder) & sugar or grated daikon & ponzu. It is nice to have with your miso soup or soup noodles as well.



Ohitaken San Hoshi Shiitake Donko(Dried Shiitake from Ooita Prefeceture in Japan) 100g

$16.90$15.20      (Exclude GC SHOP)

Especially "Donko" is a type of dried Shiitake which grows gradually during winter and gets thicker. It has nice texture and suitable for any sir-fry dish or stewed dish such as vegetable stir-fry, staffed with meat, hot pot, Teppanyaki and Chawanmushi(Japanese Steamed Egg).



King Sushi Nori Full Size(Roasted Seaweed) 100sh

$24$15     ( December & January, exclude GC SHOP)

Premium quality, great for sushi.

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UM I Sushi Nori Full Size(Roasted Seaweed for Sushi) 100 sheets

$20.50$12.00     ( December & January, exclude GC SHOP)

Strong roasted seaweed to hold rice. Suitable for sushi rolls.

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