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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Dessert デザート♪SALE in February 2019 -UMAMI Ice Creams on SPECIAL!!-

2019-02-01 08:30:49



Sunyo Low Calorie Fruits Can 5 Types

$4.20$3.80 EACH


Serving suggestion with mochi♪


NEW!UMAMI Miso Ice Cream 2L

$14.50$13.80 (Exclude GC SHOP)

The perfect balance of  sweetness & saltiness will remind you of salted caramel. The sable miso flavour is definitely unique, but not overpowering. You will enjoy the taste with creamy texture...


UMAMI Green Tea Ice Cream 2L

$13.50$12.00  (Exclude GC SHOP)

Made with high quality Japanese green tea powder. Rich taste & creamy texture...

$14.50$12.00  (Exclude GC SHOP)

Creamy taste & texture with real black sesame matches perfectly. A great dessert just by itself, and with soy bean powder or red beans as well...
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$11.25$7.85   30%off red

Joshinko is one type of non-glutinous rice flour. It becomes sticky when it is cooked.
To enjoy the texture, Joshinko can be used for manjyu (rice cakes), breads, and also for cookies. It will be fun to discover your own Joshinko recipes♪

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NEW! UMAMI Iyokan Japanese Bitter Orange Sorbet 2L

$19.50$16.00  (Exclude GC SHOP)

The subtle bitterness & citrus flavour of Japanese Iyokan bitter orange will spread in your mouth.  The smooth texture & refreshing taste are perfect for your after meal dessert!

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