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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly SALE in March 2019 - Curry Rice for lunch ONLY $4.35 -

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FANCL Hatsuga Genmai(Semi Cooked 100% Japanese Germinated Brown Rice) 160g


No additive used, 100% Japanese grown germinated brown rice with many nutrition such as magnesium, minerals, fibre and GABA etc. The texture is soft, moist & slightly chewy. Especially this rice goes well with your curry!

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Hachi Irodori no Curry Karakuchi (Hot Curry) in Pouch 200g

$2.05$1.85 (Exclude GC SHOP)

Our one of best selling curry which doesn't include any ingredient from meat, but really tasty. Good mix of spices and sweetness from caramelised onion, apple, banana and chutney. (This product contains only curry, but not rice.)


Hokkaido Ootsubu (Bigger Soy Beans) Natto 40gx2p


This natto uses 100% top quality large soy beans(GM free) from Hokkaido. The soft texture & the mild taste are so traditional. The large soy beans will let you enjoy the natural taste of natto. Please try with the special sauce.


UMAMI Master Rich Mayo 1kg

$7.50$5.50 (Exclude GC SHOP)

Rich type Japanese Gluten Free mayonnaise.
Use for your salad, dipping sauce & many more!
Especially this mayonnaise is suitable for aburi searing dishes.



Melon Daifuku 50gx10p    50%off-red-bigger

$18.40$9.20     (Exclude GC SHOP)

Melon flavour rice cake from Japan. The special soft daifuku texture & the melon taste will satisfy you just with a bite♪ It is also nice to defrost half & enjoy as "Ice Daifuku"!



Tsubu(Whole Beans) & Koshi (Strained Smooth) Red Bean Paste 1kg EACH

$5.50$4.50 EACH (Exclude GC SHOP)

Ready to use sweet red bean paste for any dessert & drinks such as topping for ice creams, filling in rice cake or bread, and red bean soup dessert!



UMAMI Miso Ice Cream 2L


The perfect balance of  sweetness & saltiness will remind you of salted caramel. The sable miso flavour is definitely unique, but not overpowering. You will enjoy the taste with creamy texture...



The subtle bitterness & citrus flavour of Japanese Iyokan bitter orange will spread in your mouth.  The smooth texture & refreshing taste are perfect for your after meal dessert!

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