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Easy & tasty BENTO ideas♪

2019-10-29 15:00:16


We would like to introduce some Japanese bento ideas for busy mornings!

Many of them will be done in 15 minutes, please try it♪


<Cooking & Photos/ Kana san>



☆Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Ball) Bento☆

yaki onigiri article

1. Make rolled omelet with natto, soy sauce and dashi powder.



2. Grill or Microwave Rice balls.




3. Put Hiraten (Thin Fish Cake).



4. Crab and Cucumber salad. Cut Crab stick and cucumber, mix with vinegarsoy sauce and little bit of sugar.





☆Chicken Karaage Bento☆



1. Warm up Chicken Karaage. (Oven and Microwave recommended)

It's already cooked, you just need to warm it up.



2. Boil eggs

Boil eggs and peel, then cut into half.


3.Stir-fry corn and green peas with butter, and add soy sauce.





☆Ika Tempura Bento


1. Put Cooked Bamboo Shoots with Bonito Stock in Bento.


2. Cook Satoimo (Taro) with Mentsuyu


3. Cook Rolled Omelet

4. Slice Kamaboko (Japanese Fish Cake)

5. Deep fry  Squid Tempura 3 to 3.5 mins in 170~175℃ oil.




☆Ebi Fry Bento


1.Put Imazu Saba Misoni  (Cooked Mackerel with Miso) or you can use Mizuni flavour as well.


2. Deep fry UMAMI Panko Ebi (Bread Crumbed Prawns).

- Heat up oil in a pot or deep fryer to 175℃.
- Put frozen panko ebi and deep fry it for about 3-3.5 mins. Turn over panko ebi in the middle.
- Take out panko ebi and drain excess oil with paper towel


3. Cook Scrambled Eggs.

4. You can decolate bento with your favourite fresh vegetables such as sliced cucumbers or mini tomatos.




☆Gyoza Bento


1. Heat up oil in frying pan then place frozen gyoza on it.

001-130 001-130 001-130

2. Cook for about 3 minutes (until the bottom of gyoza turns lightly brown), then pour water up to the height of filling of gyoza.

3. Cook with lid on until the water evaporates.

4. Soak few pieces of Koya dry tofu in hot water(about 50℃) until it becomes soften. Gently squeeze out the excess water.


5. Heat up 200ml of water in a saucepan with a splash of Men Tsuyu sauce, soy sauce, cooking sake. Adjust the taste with little bit of sugar & salt.

001-130 001-130001-130001-130 

6. Add soaked tofu and simmer for 15  minutes.

7. Place gyoza & tofu in your bento box. Decorate with boiled egg, mini tomatoes, sliced cucumber and Tsubozuke pickles on top of rice!



☆Inari Bento


1. Cook rice and mix sushi vinegar. If you would like to make your own seasoned vinegar, mix with sugar & salt.

001-130001-130 001-130


2. Put some rice in Inari pocket. If you like, it is nice to mix Kinpira Gobo and some sesame seeds in the rice!

001-130 001-130001-130


3. Cut Oyster Blade Slices into 1cm pieces, and stir fry with your favourite veges.  Season with some oyster sauce, soy sauce & cooking sake.

001-130 001-130 001-130


4. Boil some soy sauce, mirin, cooking sake , sugar & dashi powder in another pan. Add Konnyaku which is cut into 1cm stripes, Gobo & sliced carrots, and fry them together.

2L-130001-130001-130 11051711_5459bf9bbad5c[1]001-130




Chicken Meat Ball BENTO

1. Toritsukune – Combine the ground chicken, chopped spring onion and salt together in a bowl then shape the spoonfuls into oval. Pan-fry them. You can put any sauce nyas you like.

If you care about the calorie, add grated Dried Kohya Tofu into the meat!

2. Sunyo Takenoko Yawarakani

3. Nimono with Fried Tofu and potato - Cook with Mentsuyu with four times water for 20mins.


☆Panko Ebi Prawn Bento☆


1. Deep fry "UMAMI Panko Ebi(Bread Crumbed Prawns)" from frozen for about 3-3.5 minutes, or air fry them.


2. Stir fry "Pork Belly Slices" with your favourite vegetables. Depend on your taste, season with salt & pepper, and soy sauce or Yakiniku sauce.


3. Make rolled thick egg.

①Beat eggs in a bowl then add dashi stock and sugar in the egg and mix well.

②Heat a tamagoyaki pan over medium heat. Oil the pan.

③Pour a scoop of egg mixture in the pan and spread over the surface.

④Cook it until half done and place nori seaweed on top. And roll the egg toward the bottom side.

⑤Move the rolled egg to the top side. Oil the empty part of the pan and

pour another scoop of egg mixture in the space and under the rolled egg.

⑥Cook it until half done and roll the egg again so that the omelet becomes thicker.

001-130001-130 001-130


☆Juicy&Crispy Pork Katsu Sand☆


1. Deep fry frozen Pork Katsu until it becomes golden brown and cooked through.

2. Spread Tonkatsu Sauce or Okonomi Sauce on 1 side of your toast bread, and Wakarashi Mustard & Mayonnaise if you like.

3. Put another toast bread on top, and cut into 2 or 4. It is ready to take!


☆Yaki Udon (Fried Udon Noodles)☆


1. Boil Sanuki Udon for 30 seconds, or simply pour hot water over to loosen the noodles.


2. Cut pork belly slices & your favourite vegetables into bite size, and fry in a pan.


3. Add drained Sanuki Udon and fry together for a couple of minutes. Season with soy sauce or Okonomi sauce and dashi powder if you have.

001-130 001-130001-130


4. Top with bonito flakes and red ginger if you like.




☆Super Quick Bento☆


①    Sunyo Gomoku Yasai Mame(Mixed Seasoned Vegetables & Soy Beans)


②    Scrambled egg

③    Egg Plant Tempura…Deep fry or warm up in microwave and pour a dash of soy sauce.

001-130 001-130

④    White rice + Shisokko(Shiso Rice Seasoning)


⑤    Cucumber + Crab stick…Cut in small size & put on skewer!



☆Moist & Soft 3 Bao Bento☆

obento 2-001

①Yakiniku BBQ Bao-Cut sliced pork belly & cabbage into bite-size and stir fry with Ponzu & Worcester sauce. Sand in Gua Bao(Steam or warm up in microwave).

001-130 001-130 12271800_549e5911c6734[1]001-130

②Gobo Salad Bao- Defrost frozen Burdock in microwave for 1 min and mix with shredded carrots & Umami Daily Mayonnaise. Sand in Gua Bao.

11051711_5459bf9bbad5c[1] 001-130

③Egg omelet and Salami Bao- Fry egg, and sand it with sliced salami in bao.


☆Japanese Style Bento☆

obento 4

Sunyo Gomoku Yasai Mame(Mixed Seasoned Vegetables & Soy Beans) Can


UMAMI Seaweed Salad


③Home Cooked Miso Mackerel- Boil Mirin, soy sauce, cooking sake and water in a pan, and add mackerel fillets & sliced ginger(or tubed ginger). Simmer for 8 minutes covered with foil on top. Add little bit of miso and dissolve well.

2L-130001-130001-130001-130 Shouga 001 001-130



☆Colourful & Balanced Bento☆

obento 1

Imazu Saba Misoni(Cooked Mackerel with Miso) Can


②Scrambled egg with spring onions

UMAMI Karaage Ichiban (Fully Cooked Chicken Karaage) 1kg

....... Warm up 6 pieces in microwave  for 2 minutes with cover.




And sprinkle "Minari Matsutake Furikake (Matsutake Mushroom Rice Seasoning)" on top of rice♪


☆Tendon Tenpura Bento☆


Assorted Vegetable Tempura 115g....... Just dip the tempura in the sauce (Higashimaru Men Soup: Water= 1:3)!

001-130 001-130