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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly SALE in May -Popular オリバー Oliver Sauces & Pumpkin Croquette on SALE!!-

2019-05-01 08:30:25





Pumpkin Croquette 80gx10p


The sweetness from Pumpkin is not over powering, and will be loved by everyone! It is nice even without any sauce.
Please deep fry in 170℃ oil from frozen for about 5-6 minutes.

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Oliver Value Size Sauces 4 types (Okonomi/ Tonkatsu/ Worcester/ Yakisoba)

$10.50$8.80 EACH (Exclude Gold Coast)


Okonomi= for Okonomiyaki , Takoyaki  & for any deep fried food

Tonkatsu= for Katsu bread crumbed meat, fish & veges

Worcester= for any deep fried food & a hint of many cooking such as curry, Yakisoba noodles or pasta

Yakisoba= for professional Yakisoba noodles


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 Daiwa Ika Ring Fry (Fried Squid Ring) 1kg

$14$11.50  (Exclude Gold Coast)

No need to clean squid or put bread crumb on it.  Just deep fry in 170℃ oil from frozen for 5 minutes. Serve with Oliver Okonomi or Tonkatsu sauce!

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Okonomiyaki Vegetable Pancake Skewrs 450g(90gx5p)

$4.20$2.80   30%off red  (Exclude Gold Coast)

Pancakes on skewers, really easy to eat! Already cooked, just warn up in microwave.
Or, lightly pan fry with low heat after defrosting for the crispy texture.
Put Okonomi sauce & mayonnaise♪

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Okonomiyaki  Vegetable Pancake 130g x 8pcs

$11.80$8.00  (Exclude Gold Coast)

Ready to eat! Just warm up in microwave for about 3-5 mins. If you like outside crispy, pan-fry little bit after that.

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