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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly SALE in Feburary & March 2020

2020-01-25 13:11:27







Super Sushi Rice(Short Grain Rice) 20kg


The rice seeds are originally from Taiwan, and the rice grows in Hanoi where has 4 seasons and is suitable for rice production. .

This short grain rice is suitable for sushi & donburi rice bowls.






UMAMI Hansung Kimchi 1.5kg

$15.50 $12.00

Kimchi is Korean Traditional Fermented Vegetables.
Made by 100% Korean ingredients.
Great to eat just itself or you can use it for many kinds of cooking such as hot pot and fried rice.




UMAMI Matcha Green Tea Cheese Cake 8p(700g)

$20.00 $17.50  (Exclude GC SHOP)

This matcha cake is handmade by a professional Japanese patissier one by one, using rice flour not using wheat flour and freshly vacuum packed & frozen.

The rich & smooth matcha cheese cake part, and the crunchy light tart base will be all mixed together in your mouth with perfect balance.





UMAMI Lobster (Crawfish) Salad 500g

$13.00 $10.00  (Exclude GC SHOP)

Umami Lobster Salad is one of the most popular items!

This tasty salad is perfect for salad or sushi rolls!





UMAMI Panko Ebi(Bread Crumbed Prawns)25gx40p

$19.80 $17.50

Crispy panko ebi (bread crumbed prawns) at home!!
Do not need to defrost, just deep fry it straight.
It is nice to eat with tartar sauce, mayonnaise or okonomi sauce!





Marinated Beef Kalbi(Sparerib Slices) with Bones for Yakiniku 300g

$12.00 $10.80 (Exclude GC SHOP)

You will not find this in supermarkets or Asian groceries that easily, but this is one of the most popular Japanese Yakiniku BBQ cut!
It is marinated with special Yakiniku sauce, and vacuumed packed fresh.