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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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UMAMI Fresh Ginger 400g

$5.00$4.00 (Only for VIC, GC, and BNE)

Locally made fresh miced ginger. It is easy to add to any dishes.




UMAMI Fresh Garlic 400g

$5.00 $4.00 (Only for VIC, GC, and BNE)

No added preservatives.
Made locally in Australia.





Sakamoto no Kurozu (Rice Black Vinegar) 700ml 

$33.90 $23.75 (Only for VIC, SA, Post)

Sakamoto no Kurozu (Rice Black Vinegar) 360ml

$22.80 $15.95 (Only for GC and BNE)

This rice black vinegar from Sakamoto vinegar brewer uses only quality Japanese grown rice and clean groundwater as the ingredients. And they are fermented in ceramic pods using only heat from sun under experienced brewers control. This simple but traditional method has been maintained for 200 years to keep the mild and deep flavour on the black vinegar.

This quality rice black vinegar is a natural fermented drink and seasoning which has amino acid, peptide and organic acid to support your health and beauty everyday.






Nissui Yaki Onigiri (Seasoned Rice Balls to Grill) 70gx10p

$14.40 $10.10 (Only for VIC and SA)

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or BBQ!
Yaki Onigir with sweet soy sauce taste will be loved by many people.






Sanpo Kurume Tonkotsu (Kurume Style Pork Bone Base Soup) Ramen Cup 88g

$4.55 $4.10 (Only for VIC, SA, GC, BNE and Post)

Kurume in Fukuoka prefecture is the origin of Tonkotsu(pork bone base soup) ramen in Japan. The rich white soup matches well with crispy garlic chips.






Sanpo Takana Tonkotsu (Pork Bone Base Soup with Pickled Mustered Leaves) Ramen Cup 97g

$4.25 $3.85 (Only for VIC, SA, GC, BNE and Post)

Thin wavy noodles with fresh noodle texture & rich Hakata style tonkotsu pork bone base soup.
100% Kyushu spicy Takana(pickled mustard leaves) with sesame oil perfectly matches with the rich soup.






Frozen Renkon (Lotus Root) 3mm Slice 500g

$4.00 $3.20 (Only for VIC, SA and SYD)

3mm slices. For lotus chips, it is better to sprinkle salt on the lotus and deep fry it in 180 degrees oil for around 5 minutes.
Renkon slices are great ingredients for salad, sti-fry, stew, tempura and many more! The crunchy texture will make your dish more interesting.





UMAMI 100% Dai Dai (Bitter Orange) Juice 720ml

$37.00 $27.00 (Only for VIC, SA, SYD and Post)

Dai dai橙(bitter orange) has a fruity aroma with the great balance of sourness & bitterness. It has been used as an ingredient of Ponzu because of the refreshing aroma which doesn't disturb the taste of other ingredients of cooking.

Use this to add the great aroma into your sauces, dressings, desserts & drinks.





UMAMI 100% Yuzu (Japanese Citrus Junos) Juice 720ml

$37.00 $27.00 (For VIC, SA, GC, BNE, SYD, WA and Post)

100% Natural squeezed yuzu juice without any added flavour or colour.
The original refreshing & zesty fragrance of Japanese Yuzu has been popular for many types of dishes & drinks.

Drop the juice on grilled fish, use as a sauce with other garnish for hot pot, and for dressing sauces.
Mix the Yuzu juice with soda water/other soft drinks, or use if for your cocktails to create Japanese infused drinks.