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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly Sale in September 2020

2020-09-10 09:00:27







Takumi Slice Wagyu 1kg

$21.00$18.00 (Only for VIC & SA customers)

The good balance of marbles in the beef with reasonable price.
Please enjoy the taste and texture.




Teriyaki Beef 1kg

$23.45 $18.00 (Only for VIC, SA & WA customers)

Fully Cooked / Ready to use
Authentic taste "Teriyaki"
Good for Gyudon, Stir fry

teriyaki beef monthly kijiteriyaki beef package




40P UMAMI Panko Ebi(Bread Crumbed Prawns)25gx40p

$22.80 $18.00

Crispy panko ebi (bread crumbed prawns) at home!!
Do not need to defrost, just deep fry it straight.
It is nice to eat with tartar sauce, mayonnaise or okonomi sauce!




Pumpkin Croquette 80gx10p

$6.50 $5.00 (Only for VIC, SA, GC & NSW customers)

The sweetness from Pumpkin is not over powering, and will be loved by everyone! It is nice even without any sauce.

001-280pumpkin croquette





Ramune sui (Ice Ramune) 60mlx10pcs

$3.30 $2.30 (Only for VIC, SA & Post)

Put in Freezer and make ice candy.
You can break it into 2 pieces!