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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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飛騨牛 Hida Wagyu on ICHIBA!!!!

2022-04-07 19:00:27




hidagyu yakiniku with veg

We are introducing LIMITED STOCK Hida Wagyu imported directly from Japan.

Order cut for Yakiniku & Sukiyaki!  Melbourne PICK UP ONLY


*What’s Hida Beef?

Hida (飛騨) is the region of Gifu prefecture in Japan.

The name of “Hida Beef” (Hida gyu) is given only to beef from black-haired Japanese cattle (Kuroge Wagyu) that have been raised in Gifu Prefecture for at least 14 months.

Hida Beef must be confirmed and certified as Grade A or B by the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conference, and have a Firmness and Texture Grade of 5, 4 or 3, as per the Japan Meat Grading Association’s grading system.

Hida Beef is regarded as one of the best in Japan and famous for its beautifully marbled pattern. It will literally melt in your mouth.








 Freshly cut Hida Wagyu Beef Yakiniku Slice/Sukiyaki Cut/Block (Not Frozen)


Hida Yakiniku 001-280             Hida Sukiyaki 001-280

Hida Block 001-280