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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Fuji Gara Aji(Chicken Stock)1kg

  • $ 28.00
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    This product is powdered chicken and chicken bones soup base which added pork, chicken oil, and a vegetable extract. It is easy to dissolve. Versatile enough to be adjust Japanese, Western, or Other Asian soup stock.
    Directions: Mix 18g of Fuji Gara Aji properly till well dissolved in 1.8L of water.

    • NET : 1Kg
    • Manufacture : Fuji
    • Shipping Weight : 1035 g
    • Shipping Volume : 1860 cm3
    • Ingredients : Dextrin, Salt, Pork, Oil,Powdered Soy Sauce, Sugar, Chiken Oil, Onion Extract Powder, Chiken Extract Powder, Hydrolysed Soy Protein, Yeast Extract Powder, Sesame Seed Oil, Flavour Enhancer(621,331,635), Anti-caking Agent(551)