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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Sakamoto no Kurozu (Rice Black Vinegar) 360ml with a measuring cup

  • $ 15.95
  •  $22.80
  • This rice black vinegar from Sakamoto vinegar brewer uses only quality Japanese grown rice and clean groundwater as the ingredients. And they are fermented in ceramic pods using only heat from sun under experienced brewers control. This simple but traditional method has been maintained for 200 years to keep the mild and deep flavour on the black vinegar.

    This quality rice black vinegar is a natural fermented drink and seasoning which has amino acid, peptide and organic acid to support your health and beauty everyday.

    Please use this black vinegar for cooking or as a drink. Ideal to take 20-30 ml diluted with 5 times of water.

    *Please keep in fridge after opening.
    *Some sediment might deposit on the bottom or the colour might get darker because of the nature of the product, but there is no problem with the quality.

    • NET : 360ml
    • Manufacture : Sakamoto Jouzou
    • Shipping Weight : 650 g
    • Shipping Volume : 890 cm3
    • Ingredients : Rice