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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Kyoei Frozen Fresh Panko(Bread Crumbs) 2kg

  • $ 16.00
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    Kyoei is a professional panko maker in Japan since 1960's. They make from loaves of bread themselves with all the cares of the quality.

    This is a quality panko with medium coarse grains which is perfect for any ingredients to be coated.
    Fresh panko has a lighter crispy texture than dry panko.

    Because of the bigger grain than dry panko, your food will look bigger & even more gorgeous.

    Adelaide Branch (Sold Out)
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    • NET : 2kg
    • Manufacture : Kyoei
    • Ingredients : Wheat Flour, Shortening, Sugar, Yeast, Palm Oil, Salt, Wheat Protein, Emulsifier(472c) [Contains: WHEAT]