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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Kamadosan 5 cups (Japanese Porcelain Rice Cooking Pot)

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  • This is Iga porcelain from Mie prefecture in Japan.

    The special clay creates natural micro multi pores on the pot which helps the cooked rice not to stick on the pot.

    Also the thick pot keeps the heat well and cook each grain of rice perfectly. The double lids keep the heat and pressure inside and prevent to boil over the pot, so it is not needed to adjust the heat while cooking rice.

    You can also cook nice brown rice, mixed rice and Japanese stewed dish in this pots.

    *Please do "Medome" before using the pot.
    *To prevent damage or cracking, dry outside of the pot well before cooking(it is recommended to rinse rice in other bowl.)
    *Do not use for deep frying.
    *Do not cool the hot pot drastically to prevent cracking.

    For more information about the pot, please read the booklet(Japanese only) inside the box, or contact Ichiba Junction.

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    • NET : 1 set
    • Manufacture : Nagatanien
    • Shipping Weight : 6780 g
    • Shipping Volume : 18810 cm3
    • Ingredients : Includes.... Porcelain Pot, Porcelain Lid, Porcelain Inside Lid, Porcelain Pot Stand, Miyajima Natural Wooden Rice Spoon, Manual & Recipe Booklet(Japanese Only)