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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Nagasaki Ago Tsuyu (Soup Base Sauce with Roasted Flying Fish) 400ml

  • $ 9.00
  • Yaki Ago(roasted flying fish) dashi is a speciality of Nagasaki. This sauce has plenty of umami from Ago dashi, shiitake and kelp.

    Simply dilute and use as dipping sauce of cold soba/udon or tempura. This is a perfect multi-purpose seasoning for other Japanese dish such as stew and hot pot.

    ・Cold noodles 1:1
    ・Hot noodles 1: 3-4
    ・Tempura 1: 2-3
    ・Japanese Stew 1:3-4
    ・Chawanmushi/Oden 1:6-8
    ・Boiled Tofu straight

    *No preservative added, so please keep in fridge after opening and use up as soon as possible.

    • NET : 400ml
    • Manufacture : Choco Shoyu
    • Shipping Weight : 760 g
    • Shipping Volume : 956 cm3
    • Ingredients : Soy Sauce(Soy Bean, Wheat, Salt), Sugar, Flying Fish Extract, Salt, Sweet Sake(Glucose Syrup, Water, Alcohol, Glutinous Rice, Rice), Yeast Extract, Vinegar(Sugarcane), Shiitake Mushroom, Kelp Extract, Sardine Extract [Contais: WHEAT, SOY BEAN, FISH, SHELLFISH]