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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Saba Mackerel Fillets 3.2kg(22-25p)

  • $ 37.50
  • Saba mackerel fillets without spine.
    Cleaned & freshly frozen without any seasoning, Please grill, fry and put your own taste as same as using other fish(This is not for sashimi. Please cook before serving.)

    1. Defrost the fillets and cut into half and sprinkle salt.
    2. Place them on a oven tray. Use oven grill setting and grill from fresh side first. When the surface browns, turn the fillets and brown the skin.
    *Using a grill rack on top of grill tray makes the fillets extra crispy outside and soft inside.

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    • NET : 3.2kg
    • Ingredients : Mackerel(Scomber Japonicus)(100%) [Contains: FISH]