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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Hiruzen Japanese Black Soy Bean Natto 49.30gx2p

  • $ 4.90
  • This natto uses GMO Free Japanese black soy beans from Okayama prefecture which is known as the best black soy beans in Japan.

    Its soft & moist texture of the black beans are to be enjoyed for each bean. Not only the texture and the taste, but also black soy beans contains various nutrition, and one of them is polyphenol which has antioxidative effect.

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    • NET : 49.30gx2p
    • Manufacture : Hiruzen Shokuhin Kakou Kabushikigaisha
    • Ingredients : Fermented Soy Bean, Sauce{Soy Sauce(Soy Bean, Wheat, Salt), Sugar, Salt, Bonito Extract, Dried Shaved Bonito Extract, Kelp Extract, Yeast Extract, Alcohol}, Mustard{Mustard Seed Paste, Salt, Vinegar(Apple), Turmeric, Citric Acid}, [Contains: SOY BEAN, WHEAT, FISH, APPLE]