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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Parboiled Houba(Magnolia) Leaves for Decorations M size(32-34cm Length) 20p

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    Magnolia leaves for cooking decorations.
    This is already cleaned & parboiled, ready to use after defrosting.
    The nice natural scent of the magnolia leaves & the look will make your cooking more elegant & professional.

    After rinsing the leaf with water, put your miso sauce, vegetables & meat to grill with low heat on top of the leaf.

    Wrap your sushi with the leaf to lightly scent & for nice look.

    Put your sushi or sashimi on top of the leaf for professional decorations.

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    • NET : 20p
    • Manufacture : Yamafuku
    • Ingredients : Magnolia Leaf(Magnolia Obovata), Salt