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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Tonkotsu Sauce Ariake 1.8L

  • $ 39.00
  • Rich and Condensed pork-based bouillon.
    Easy to prepare Ramen noodle soup full of flavour.
    Tonkotsu flavour is originally from kyushu prefecture and popular among all over Japan.

    *The ratio for Ramen Soup*
    The ratio is 10:1
    Add water to Tonkotsu Sauce and boil.

    Gold Coast Branch (Sold Out)
    Brisbane Branch (Sold Out)
    Perth Branch (Sold Out)
    • Qty
    • NET : 1.8L
    • Manufacture : Ariake
    • Shipping Weight : 2160 g
    • Shipping Volume : 2280 cm3
    • Ingredients : Pork Extract, Salt, Pork Fat, Soy Sauce (Soybean, Salt, Wheat), Hydrolysed Protein, Sugar, Flavour Oil (Garlic Flavour, Vegetable Oil, Garlic Powder), Soybean Paste, Garlic, Kelp Extract, Sesame Seed Paste, Yeast Extract, Onion Powder, Roasted Garlic Powder, White Pepper, Flavour Enhancer (621, 635), Thickener (415, 1442), Colour (150d), Bean Sprout Oil (Vegetable Oil, Bean Sprout, Onion, Alcohol, Soy Sauce, Garlic, Hydrolysed Protein, Yeast Extract)