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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Umami Vegetable Tempura Mix 300g

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  • Umami Vegetable Tempura Mix are enticing butterflied five varieties vegetables enrobed in traditional crispy tempura batter. These frozen Vegetable tempura mix can be enjoyed in a variety of delicious ways, whether as a starter or snack.

    Perth Branch (Sold Out)
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    • NET : 300g
    • Manufacture : DAIWA FOOD
    • Ingredients : Eggplant [eggplant(17.74%)],(Solanum melongena),Predust {Modified Starch(Cassava),Salt,Wheat flour,Palm Oil,Emulsifier(471)},Batter mix{Wheat flour,Corm Starch,Baking powder,Whole egg powder,Wheat protein, Salt,Emulsifier(471),Flavour enhancer(621),Colour(160a),Pepper},Sweet Potato [sweet potato(16.45%)】,(Ipomoea batatas),Predust {Modified Starch (Cassava),Salt,Wheat flour,Palm Oil,Emulsifer(471)},Batter mix {Wheat flour, Com Starch,Baking powder,Whole egg powder,Wheat protein,Salt,Emulsifier (471),Flavour enhancer(621),Colour(160a),Pepper),Long Bean (long bean (11.61%)L,(Phaseolus vulgaris L.,),Predust {Modified Starch (Cassava),Salt, Wheat flour,Palm Oil,Emuksifer(471)),Batter mix {Wheat flour,Corm Starch, Baking powder,Whole egg powder,Wheat protein,Salt,Emulsifier(471),Flavour enhancer(621),Colour(160a),Pepper),Pumpkin[pumpkin(10.96%)], (Cucurbita maxima),Predust {Modified Starch(Cassava),Salt,Wheat flour,Palm Oil,Emulsifer(471)l,Batter mix{Wheat flour,Com Starch,Baking powder, Whole egg powder,Wheat protein,Salt,Emulsifer(471),Flavour enhancer(621),Colour (160a),Pepper),Okra [okra(8.7%)),(Abelmoschus esculentus),Predust (Modified Starch(Cassava),Salt,Wheat flour,Palm Oil, Emulsifier(471),Batter mix |Wheat flour,Com Starch,Baking powder, Whole egg powder,Wheat protein, Salt,Emulsifer(471),Favourenhancer(621),Colour(160a),Pepper). Allergen:Wheat,Egg. Scanned with CamScanner