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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Soy milk Green tea Pudding





maccha pudding

ingredients: 500ml Soy milk, 1 Table spoon Gelatin, 2 Table spoon Water, 2 Table spoon Morihan Rich Matcha Powder (Sweet Matcha Green Tea Powder)


1. Put geratin into a bowl and pour water.

2. Heat up soy milk in a pan (do not boil). When it's warm, pour 2-3 table spoon of warm soy milk into matcha powder to dissolve.

3. Put Matcha mixture back to the pan and put gelatin. Mix well with low heat until dissolve all.

4. Pour mixture into cup, then put them in a fridge.

5. If you like more sweet pudding, you can add sugar when the mixure is heating up.