Marumiya Furikake Pikachu 20g

Marumiya SKU: DSEA569EA
Marumiya Furikake Pikachu 20g

Marumiya Furikake Pikachu 20g

Marumiya SKU: DSEA569EA
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Pikachu is now available in a cute container as Furikake! It's palm-sized and highly airtight, so it's convenient to carry around as well as on the dining table!
You can easily slip it in your bag and carry it to work or school.
It is a egg and salmon flavour that is popular all the time. 

あのピカチュウが、かわいい容器入ふりかけで登場! 食卓はもちろん持ち運びにも便利な、ポケットサイズのたのしいおいしさ。たまごの甘味とさけの旨味が一度に楽しめる、お子様大好き人気フレーバーを組み合わせた「たまごとさけ味」。見た目もカラフルな、かわいらしいふりかけです。

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Roasted sesame seeds, lactose, sugar, salt, wheat flour, processed soybean, dried bonito flakes, sweet bean paste, soybean paste (rice,soybean, salt) , milk product, vegetable protein,processed egg powder, seaweed calcium, dried laver, extracts (dried bonito flakes, yeast, palm oil, soy sauce (soybean, wheat, salt) , starch,rice fermented seasoning (glutinous rice, maltedrice, sugar, alcohol), high-fructose com syrup,yeast, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, dextrin, flavour enhancer (621) , colour (160a) , antioxidant (307) , flavour.
Allergen Advice:
Contains: Wheat, soybean, sesame seeds, milk, egg, fish