Tosa no Shiomaru (Shiromaru) 200g

ichibajunction SKU: DSUG513
Tosa no Shiomaru (Shiromaru) 200g
Tosa no Shiomaru (Shiromaru) 200g

Tosa no Shiomaru (Shiromaru) 200g

ichibajunction SKU: DSUG513
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Coarse-grained Tosa salt balls.
Recommended for use as the decisive factor in flavor and as the final sprinkle of salt.
Sparkling and beautiful, you can also enjoy the texture of salt. Seared
bonito with salt, grilled meat, Salt for dipping is excellent. Unlike
ordinary coarse salt, the grains are not too hard, and the
coarse-grain type of Tosa Salt Maru is characterized by the fact that the crystals come loose just by chewing lightly.

Tosa no Shiomaru crystallizes
the seawater pumped up from the sea at high tide using
only natural forces such as the sun and wind.
We do not use fire to ignite anything. Therefore, it takes about a month in the summer and more than two months in the winter to
become salt . It is exactly the salt made by the nature of Kochi. Therefore, we producers have never thought of ourselves as salt craftsmen. We think of ourselves as “salt guards ,” people who “weight” the salt created by the sea, the sun, and the wind .

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