End of Special Present ~ Black Vinegar Drink~

End of Special Present ~ Black Vinegar Drink~

Dear valued customers

I would like to inform you that the Special Present has been ended. Thank you so much!

Thank you for shopping with Ichiba Junction.

We have SPECIAL PRESENT for you when you purchase over $200 on our website shopping.(Exclude Gold Coast Shop)


Brown Rice Black Vinegar Drink, Blackberry & Blueberry 900ml





This Rice Vinegar is easy to drink as its full of fruity flavour. Mix with 1~3 times of soda, sparkling water or even just water.


It is getting into the busy season (Halloween, Christmas, New Year and SUMMER!!).

Let's stay healthy and beautiful with this vinegar drink!!


Hope to have you on our website shopping soon :))

*The promotion will continue until the stock last!!


Best Regards,

All Ichiba Junction Staff