Green Tea Cheese Cake (φ18cm)

ingredients: 200g Cream Cheese / 40g Sugar / 3 Egg Yorks / 200ml Fresh Cream / 40g Weak Flour / 2tbs Maccha (Green Tea) powder / 3 Egg White / 40g Sugar for meringue

1) Whisk fresh cream until soft; Sift weak flour and Maccha (Green Tea) Powder together.
2) Soften cream cheese at room temperature or microwave it for 30-40mins to soften.

3) Preheat an oven at 160℃.

4) Make meringue. Whisk egg white adding sugar three or four times, then whisk until firm.

5) Mix cream cheese and sugar well, and then mix egg yorks.

6) Place flour mixture into cream cheese mixture, gently scoop up the mixture with a spatura.

7) Add soft fresh cream, mix well.

8) Put meringue divided three or four times.

9) Pour the mixture into a cake mould covered cooking sheet (both bottom and side),
flatten the surface. Remove the air to drop the mould to the kitchen table.

10) Put the mould on a baking tray, pour hot water around the mould;
then bake for approximately 50 minutes.

11) After baking, cool down at the room temperature, then refrigerate.

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