End of the year SALE ~Bye bye 2019~

End of the year SALE ~Bye bye 2019~


Marushin Fukufuku Mochi (Dried Glutinous Rice Cake) 1kg


This rice cake uses 100% Japanese paddy glutinous rice. Eat your mochi with soy sauce & sugar, kinako(soy bean powder) & sugar or grated daikon & ponzu. It is nice to have with your miso soup or soup noodles as well.






Ohitaken San Hoshi Shiitake Donko(Dried Shiitake from Ohita Prefeceture in Japan) 100g

$20.00 $18.00

Ohita prefecture locates in South part of Japan. The quantity of production and the quality there are the best in Japan. Shiitake is not only tasty, but also good for our health. It works to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, and prevent arteriosclerosis. Also it has low calories but enough proteins and can be a good source of dietary fibers.





Sunyo Gomoku Yasai Mame(Mixed Seasoned Vegetables & Soy Beans) Can 70g

$2.80 $2.50

Softly cooked soy beans with carrot & shiitake mushrooms, seasoned with dashi sauce.
Easy to open without opener, perfect for healthy lunch.

Sunyo Low Calorie Outo(Yellow Peach) Can 230g

$4.20 $3.80

Low calorie, 366 kj per can, perfect dessert by itself. No need to use tin opener, you can enjoy it anytime. This is also nice as a topping of ice cream & pancakes.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!!