Halloween Sale 2020

Halloween Sale 2020



Kanetetsu Delica Foods Dentou Gobou Maki (Fish Cake Stick with Burdock) 30gx4p

$4.25 $3.85 (Only for VIC & SA customers)

Uses rape seed oil. No preservative added.
It is nice to eat this with your drink just by warming this up in microwave or pan-fry♪
Traditionally this is used in stews or soups.





SSK Goma Creamy (Creamy Sesame) Dressing 300ml

$5.00$4.50 (Only for VIC, SA, GC, BNE and Post customers)

The creamy sesame dressing matches with any type of vegetable. Especially this dressing goes well with wakame & tofu salad.
Also it is nice with boiled sliced pork or beef.

No Amino acid used.






UMAMI Gluten Free & Vegetarian Teriyaki Sauce 1.8L

$17.50 $15.00 

Vegetarian & Gluten Free Teriyaki sauce with the same original rich taste.
Just marinate meat, fish & vegetables, and professional dish will be ready at home.







Oliver UMAMI Okonomi Sauce 2.1kg

$12.00 $10.00

This sauce is good to use for Japanese Pancake (Okonomi yaki) or octopus balls(Takoyaki). You can use for deep fry food such as Ebi katsu, Aji Fry, Croquette, Chicken Katsu or Ika Kushi Fry. It is a beautiful flavor sauce.